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The Naxian Collection is establishing its reputation as an Art Hotel by exhibiting in its public spaces Fine Art pieces by Naxian artists Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt of the celebrated Fish & Olive Gallery. Complementing the outstanding ceramic work of Bolesch and Reichardt are the superb marble pieces of the Naxos based sculptor, Ingebert Brunk.


Katharina Bolesch is a potter of international standing, She has exhibited widely including in New York, Athens and the prestigious Design Museum of Helsinki. Her work reflects the tactile symbol of the olive and of other classical motifs of the Mediterranean and achieves a rare combination of functionality and Fine Art of the highest order. Her husband Alexander Reichardt is among the most creative illustrators and designers working in modern ceramics and jewellery today. His signature motif is the fish and his designs are incorporated into Katharina’s pottery with exquisite effect. The couple's Fish & Olive Gallery and shop in the beautiful Naxian village of Halki attract visitors from around the world.


The gifted sculptor, Ingebert Brunk, works with Naxian marble to create unique artefacts that are powerful and subtle at the same time and that reflect the luminous light of Greece. His works, spare in form but expensively worked, absorb and radiate the light and owing to these two features, acquire the almost metaphysical character of an object not made by human hands. In this way, they remind us, as material and as organic shapes, of the prowess of nature and time, juxtaposing them with the artistic creation. In that way the work of the artist is remaining contemporary and at the same time imbued with timeless values and traditional techniques.


The Naxian Collection believes that the exhibits of these three outstanding Naxian artists complement perfectly the ethos of the hotel by bringing together the artistic traditions of the Aegean with the traditional hospitality and style of the Cyclades.

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