To begin with, the villas were built with respect to nature and traditional architectural style, ensuring minimal damage to the surroundings. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances combine with solar water heating, while the pesticide-free gardens are as natural as possible and feature local flora.

You'll particularly be happy to know that the Naxian Luxury Collection's kitchen boasts plenty of local organic ingredients and highlights traditional Naxian recipes. The menu is based on local ingredients from the property's very own organic field, free-range chicken coop, nearby olive groves and the family vineyards not far off. Local herbs such as oregano and sage are part of the Naxian Luxury Collection's kitchen, so are famed island potatoes, local meats from free-range farms on the nearby mountains and lots of greens. Noteworthy too are the property's recycling efforts, including feeding leftovers to the farm animals so there's no waste.