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Food With Soul

Did you know that unlike other Cycladic islands, Naxos is green and fertile and even has its own fresh water streams? This is what makes our way of living (and eating!) healthy, sustainable, and totally delicious!

Prepare yourself for one of the most extraordinary culinary experiences you’ve ever had! Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, strawberries and different aromatic herbs all grow in the Naxian Collection's organic garden. Let us serve you with a chef prepared meal or take a basket and collect some produce to cook your own Mediterranean dish. Pass by the chicken coop to get some fresh, free-range eggs, take a walk through the vineyards to admire the grapes, and maybe even visit our family's 2,500-year-old olive groves not far from the hotel. We also maintain excellent relationships with and always support our local fishermen, shepherds, bakers, and producers, bringing only the best of the best for you to enjoy.

From the finest potatoes to the purest honey, cheese and yogurt, everything you eat is exactly what our whole family (from grandparents to kids) eat too - mama wouldn’t have it any other way!


Experiences For Your Senses
Our Distinct Offerings
Farm-To-Table Dining

No matter the occasion, from breakfast to impromptu bbqs, everything you eat and drink comes directly from our own garden, vineyard and our favorite local farmers and producers.

Wine Cellar

With a selection of over 2500 bottles, our wine cellar is like no other! From wine tastings to private events, this carefully curated space is one of our serious passions.

Whisky Library

A connoisseur's dream come true, our whisky library houses over 1000 different labels! Take your pick, and indulge your palate with rich flavors and aromas.

Private Dining

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a special evening among friends and family, let us host a private dining experience that you will remember forever!

Lifetime Events

We love to make dreams come true and if you’d like to do something special for a wedding proposal, baptism or birthday, we can help make it happen.

Custom VIP

Tailored, exclusive and just right - ask us about planning a custom event at one of our venues.

From Sunrise to Sunset
We Make It Special
 Our Famous Breakfast

Our Famous Breakfast

Start the day with a sumptuous buffet breakfast that will keep you powered all day long! Enjoy omelets with our free-range eggs, fresh fruits and veggies from our garden, locally sourced cheeses, freshly squeezed juices, sweet pastries and savory pies with hand-kneaded phyllo dough, and yes real thick Greek yogurt served with award-winning organic honey. Everything is prepared in the moment, and cooked just the way you like it - absolutely heavenly.

Divine Lunch & Dinner

Just like all of our meals, we cook lunch and dinner using our own totally organic products brought directly from our own farm, free-range chicken and meats, fresh fish caught by our local fishermen, as well as locally sourced products like cheese and honey. The menu is always set by our talented resident chef and it is a perfect blend of Cycladic, Mediterranean, and international cuisine. From fresh salads to homemade pasta to grilled yellowfin tuna - there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Whisky, Wine & Cocktails

Whisky, Wine & Cocktails

There's something special about sipping a glass of wine from our carefully selected list with red, white and rosé wines from the best Greek vineyards. There’s also nothing like sitting down at the bar with a library of over 1000 whisky blends to choose from. Oh, but there’s more! Since 2017, we’ve teamed up with Nikos Bakulis - one of the world’s top mixologists - to infuse our cocktail list with only the most distinct and impressive flavors. We can’t wait to thrill you with all the choices!

In-Room Service

Any or all of the above can be privately enjoyed in the comfort of your own villa or suite. Speak with our staff about serving your breakfast, lunch or dinner in-room and we’ll make sure that you’re well nourished, nice and cozy and comfortable!

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